Protecting your creativity and branding is our passion.

The protection that a trademark lawyer can provide to an intellectual property holder is invaluable. While there are many facets of that protection, the attorneys in Jaspan Schlesinger Narendran LLP’s intellectual property/trademarks practice group concentrate on helping our clients obtain registration of their trademarks and logos and defending the exclusive rights and ownership that’s derived from a trademark.

Protect Your Brand with a Trademark

Our experience has guided our clients through the trademark process, maximizing the economic and business value of their intellectual property in the marketplace. Not only can a registered trademark protect your brand, but it can prevent others from infringing on the rights associated with trademark protection. Our trademark lawyers understand that clients have enough to do without also worrying about the complexities of intellectual property law. That’s why we handle an array of related services that include:

  • Trademark clearance and registration
  • Trademark enforcement and prosecution
  • Litigation of trademark claims
  • Licensing of intellectual property

Experienced in Domestic and International Trademark Matters

Our trademark lawyers are knowledgeable in both state and federal intellectual property laws and have represented clients in courts of both jurisdictions. We’ve also appeared before domestic and international intellectual property agencies, including:

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • World Intellectual Property Organization


Scott B. Fisher

Partner Department Chair